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We create "treasures of the heart" for seniors. Creating treasures of heart

In August 1966, in front of a chartered flight, stood the first European Dispatch Team of the European Cultural Research Society, consisting of 137 members.

Since its establishment over 50 years ago, we have cherished the belief that "travel is a treasure of the heart" and have been planning and organizing tours. Approximately 80% of our first-time customers come from referrals by existing clients, while the remaining 20% are recommended by specific travel agencies. Guided by our policy of valuing the quality of travel, the majority of our participants are seniors.

In addition to our commitment to travel, we hold events such as concerts and cultural salons, staying true to our founding principle of being a cultural enterprise. We hope that these occasions, along with our tours, will provide opportunities for our customers to deepen their interactions with each other.

We are grateful to those who continue to "refer" us to others, and we carry the responsibility to uphold our hospitality-focused approach in creating "treasures of the heart." Moving forward, we will continue our corporate endeavors with gratitude and dedication to serve our customers.

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